A Minnesota Fringe Festival Debut!

You never know how or when opportunities will appear, but when they do it is important to say "yes!" When I was offered the role of Jill in Right, Wrong or Bomb! A Dating Musical by Backyard to Broadway Productions I was in the middle of taking 16 summer credits, working as an instructor at a performing arts academy and in rehearsal for my second summer stock show with still one more to go. I was exhausted, but the opportunity was too good to let it go. Wow! I am so glad I said yes!

I was honored to make my Minnesota Fringe Festival debut with an all female creative team, the amazing Shanan Custer, and a fabulous cast that embraced the fringe experience and all that comes with it. We were lucky enough to perform at Mixed Blood Theatre to audiences that gave us so much love and energy.

The show follows Jill (played by yours truly) as she navigates the world of online dating with the help of her two best friends (played by Rachel Austin and Anna Larranaga) and those they meet along the way. The cast also featured Terri Parker-Brown, Thomas Matthew and Per Nestingen.

I am so excited to see what happens next for this wonderful, relatable and charming script and score! Broadway perhaps? Thank you to everyone who came to the show, the fringe festival community and of course the amazing team that made this wild ride the highlight of my summer!

Check out just some of the reviews left by those who loved the show! Link is listed below to see even more reviews as well as a link to the Right, Wrong or Bomb! website!



Wonderful performances, particularly from Delanie Wiedrich as Jill. I also loved Teri Parker-Brown as Sally; she has several hilarious moments. Shannan Custer is amazing, so I had very high expectations, and they were exceeded."

"Super Fun!

I saw the show Wednesday night and it was so good I’m going again!! Great, relatable humor—especially if you’ve ever dated online! Also, wonderful music, (the songs keep going on and on in my head) SOLID acting performances, well-paced, and fun choreography! I loved the comedic audience participation elements. Truly, do NOT miss this show—"

"Well conceived and produced. Loved it!

The humor is clever and engaging, the sparse set worked well, the accompaniment was spot on (it was subtle but impactful), and the singing was excellent. The friend with cowboy boots cracked me up, the mom was over the top funny, and the lead provided some sincerely touching moments with her singing."

"Still A Great Show

The standouts of the music pieces were a couple of Broadway quality ballads sung by the lead (lost my program and don't want to give the wrong name) that will rip your heart out."

More Reviews:


Right Wrong or Bomb! Website


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