Making the BIG MOVE . . . and what happens now?

At about this time last year I was facing the dreaded question that is asked of all impending college graduates . . . "What is next?" I had a few options. I could stay in the Minneapolis area and audition in the Twin Cities. I could tour with The National Theatre for Children. I could return to The Medora Musical for a second summer or move to South Carolina for a job offer. Or..I could take a major leap. I could do something no one, even myself expected. I could move to Los Angeles. I'm guessing you know which option I chose!

On the day of my graduation I sang the national anthem at the commencement ceremony, but did not stay to walk and get my diploma (or I guess it was just the folder because they mail the real thing to you later). Instead, I sang and then I got in my car and began the three day journey across the country with my girlfriend by my side.

I'm a trained musical theatre you are probably wondering why I chose the west coast. Here were my honest thoughts.

1. LA is expensive...but it is less expensive than New York.

2. I actually had some connections in LA. Not a lot, but more so than elsewhere.

3. Candace and I wanted to end the distance. (It wasn't the deciding factor, but a major perk!)

4. There is theatre in LA!

5. I love California! It has always felt like home.

6. WHY NOT?! I need to go somewhere so why not LA?

It's been about 8 months since I made the move and much has changed. The past 8 months have been full of little victories, set backs, confusion, identity crisis, new adventures, new jobs, new passions, mental health struggles, love, growth, defeat, new friendships and so much more.

So what comes next? Well...I often wonder that as well. I often feel conflicted because I feel like I put all my eggs in the theatre basket and now I live in a film city. Yes, theatre was my first love and I will always love it. But I am starting to explore the world of film and I think perhaps I could love that too? I feel like I have to choose one thing to or film. But why can't I do both? That is the beauty of this city, I have both at my finger tips.

All this to say...things are changing for me. And maybe that means I feel a little lost right now (I do, I really do), but in no way am I giving up. I am so proud of my decision to move here. As hard as it can be, I love my little life with my gorgeous girlfriend, and our little family that we have built out here. And most of all, I love living in a city where every day feels like anything is possible. I am surrounded by art and opportunity and people I love and that is more than enough.

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